Banana Cake

This Banana Cake couldn't be easier to make!  Use up those over-ripe bananas to make this soft and buttery cake.


- Granulated sugar - Unsalted butter - Ripe bananas - All purpose flour - Eggs - Salt & baking soda - Ground cinnamon - Dark rum (optional)

Cake Batter

The cake batter is easily mixed together in one bowl. A hand- or stand-mixer works best to create the cake batter. 

Assemble Cake

In addition to a mashed banana in the cake batter, sliced bananas are layered in the cake pan for added banana flavor.

Add Toppings

This cake is wonderful on it's own, but feel free to add any topping you wish.  For example: powdered sugar, chocolate, caramel, nuts, etc...


Allow the banana cake to cool for approximately 1 hour after baking.  Slice, serve and enjoy!   Click link below for recipe and step-by-step video.