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Hi, Welcome to Desserts With Stephanie. All the dessert recipes and techniques I discuss on this site have been fully tested in my bakery for more than 13 years. A little about me:

I love desserts! I’m fascinated about creating new ways to please our senses. I love the way these creations look, smell and taste.

A 13-year career in the baking business exposed me to the wonders of creating gorgeous wedding cakes, fun birthday cakes, a wide variety of custom-designed cakes for all occasions and countless desserts for local restaurants and caterers.

Although I’ve been doing my baking thing since 2009, I came from a very different business background before that. I worked in the corporate world in banking for more than 20 years before I graduated from pastry school and opened a successful commercial bakery in 2009. From Banking to Baking – I guess you could say getting rid of one letter made all the difference.

Before baking became my passion, I was into the outdoors. I’ve climbed some pretty exciting mountains, and enjoyed every step of the way. Mt. McKinley in Alaska, Mount Blanc in France, Mount Rainer in Washington and Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa all thrilled me with the diversity of their environments, and the power of their presence. And you can throw in the Presidentials, Rockies, Wasatch, Adirondacks and others.

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Travel has always intrigued me. A week-long safari in Tanzania got me up close and personal with a whole lot of beautiful animals, in an almost make-believe environment. Another week in the Amazon Rain forest, followed by a trip to the Galapagos Islands was another thrilling trip – taken just before the Banking to Baking switch. On that same trip, we got to climb to the top on Machu Picchu (photo), which just about took our breath away. Then three weeks exploring the cultures of China!

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All this wanderlust was the result of a childhood that revolved around travel. As one of 7 kids that were constantly tagging along behind Mom and Dad, I got to see most of the national parks in the US, and a whole lot of middle America, having lived in the Midwest through my teens.

It is said that your future passions are forged in your past experiences, and I think that is my story. I love to create new things – traveling, as it were, to new baked creations, made with new ingredients, looking for what’s just around the culinary corner.

Come with me as I continue on my journey. It will be a lot of fun, and we’ll enjoy every bite of it.