Dough Recipes

Following you will find a collection of my pie dough recipes. These recipes work wonderfully for pies, tarts and mini-desserts. All of these recipes were created by me and used extensively in my bakery. I hope these recipes delight your family and friends as much as they have my customers! My preference is a plastic

pie dough recipe

The Perfect Flaky Pie Dough Recipe

If you are looking for a flaky, buttery and delicious pie dough recipe, you have come to the right place! You don’t need special equipment or training to create this crust – just follow the tips in this post and you will have a pie crust to delight your guests. This is the only flaky pie crust recipe I use at the bakery and I have tried countless other recipes! It is strong enough to hold up to heavy fruit fillings, yet still tender, and is a dream to work with. Be sure to check out my video where I will walk you through all the steps for making this delicious flaky pie dough.

pie dough

The Perfect Sweet Pie Dough Recipe

A sweet pastry dough, also known as pate sucree, is a rich and sweet pastry with a crisp cookie-like texture. I use this recipe daily in the bakery as it is ideal for making both large and small sized tarts, especially those filled with nuts and/or cream. Additionally, it works beautifully for decorative crust work as it maintains its shape well while baking. I hope this sweet pie dough recipe will become your ‘go-to’ recipe as it is mine.