Divinity recipe

Cherry and Pistachio Divinity Recipe

Divinity Recipe with Cherries and Pistachios – A Holiday Tradition

These delicious confections are wonderful for gift-giving or adding to a holiday platter of cookies and candies. This Cherry and Pistachio Divinity recipe produces an old-fashioned candy many of us find synonymous with the holidays. The dried cherries and pistachios add festive colors for dressing up the treat.

how to make toffee

Almond Toffee Recipe

Toffee Recipe with Almonds and Chocolate

This Almond Toffee recipe starts with my ‘go-to’ toffee base and adds a toasted almond topping and a bittersweet-chocolate bottom. The recipe produces a stick-to-your-teeth treat that you can’t stop eating due to that tell-tale crackle and the burst of sweetness and textures when you bite into it.

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The Perfect Nut Brittle Recipe

Nut Brittle Recipe Packed with Mixed Nuts

Even a novice candy maker can create this nut brittle recipe as all you need is a well-watched candy thermometer. This treat, being a much-loved holiday tradition, is always welcomed when your guests arrive with it as a gift.

Candy Recipes

Candy Recipes Made Simple Welcome to my Candy Recipes page. I hope the explanations in these recipes will take your candy making to a new level! Please feel free to share with me how family and friends liked these treats.

hot to make nut brittle

The Perfect Nut Brittle

This recipe makes a crisp, sweet, buttery candy brittle jam packed with nuts. It is the perfect treat when you can’t decide if you want something sweet or salty as it will satisfy both cravings! This nut brittle is makes a wonderful gift. Just wrap it in a ribbon and place in a decorative tin to give to friends, co-workers, teachers or anyone you want to make smile.