pie dough

The Perfect Sweet Pie Dough Recipe

A sweet pastry dough, also known as pate sucree, is a rich and sweet pastry with a crisp cookie-like texture. I use this recipe daily in the bakery as it is ideal for making both large and small sized tarts, especially those filled with nuts and/or cream. Additionally, it works beautifully for decorative crust work as it maintains its shape well while baking. I hope this sweet pie dough recipe will become your ‘go-to’ recipe as it is mine.

chocolate pie slice

The Perfect Chocolate Pie Recipe – Easy and Delicious

This chocolate pie recipe produces a classic, creamy and mouth-watering dessert. Using a tender, sweet pie crust, a few ingredients, a bowl, a whisk and a spatula makes this pie one of the easiest to make with crowd-pleasing results. This pie is perfect for serving on it’s own or crank the flavoring up a notch by plating with fresh berries, caramel or a simple dollop of sweetened whipped cream.

Cannoli Cake

How to Make the Perfect Rich Chocolate Cake

This decadent chocolate cake is full of chocolatey, moist perfection with a soft, tender crumb. The cake is rich in chocolate flavor, not too sweet nor bitter. The recipe uses basic ingredients and by following a few simple guidelines this cake has never failed me.

Chocolate mousse recipe

Chocolate Mousse Cake

This Chocolate Mousse Cake is two layers of rich, moist chocolate cake filled with a decadent chocolate mousse and covered with a chocolate ganache. Although there are a plethora of steps to create this dessert, it is quite simple and will results in a highly impressive product that will delight your guests’ palates!

angel food cake recipe

The Perfect Angel Food Cake Recipe

It is thought angel food cake derives it name due to the fact that it is such a light dessert, that the angels could eat it and still fly without being weighed down. Regardless of the origins of the angel food cake, it is my mother’s favorite cake so I began a quest to create the perfect recipe!  This angel food cake recipe produces a beautifully aerated texture, which comes from the whipped egg whites, and a chewy brown exterior, which results from the high sugar to flour ratio in the recipe.

vanilla cake recipe

The Perfect Vanilla Cake Recipe

Every baker should have a classic vanilla cake in their recipe box.   This vanilla cake is pillow-soft, wonderfully moist and delicious.  It is also quite versatile. I refer to this recipe as “The Perfect Vanilla Cake” as the recipe produces lovely cupcakes, may be used as the base recipe for other flavors such as lemon or lime, and is sturdy enough to hold up to carving for sculpted cakes.